Proposals for changes related to the "green card" for travel abroad of motor carriers are being discussed in the National Assembly.

One of them is for insurers to first pay for damages, then make claims if they have grounds.

Because of this, the price of the insurance is being considered to double.

Dimitar Dimitrov from the Chamber of Motor Carriers commented on the topic in "The Day Begins" on BNT.

"This money is not paid directly to the injured person or to the companies in question - correspondents, but they sit as a guarantee. The changes provide for a single payment without the necessary evidence that the injured person has been paid. It opens a door for a great deal of fraud. And at the moment, no "It is a secret that our Green Card office receives frauds that the Bulgarian insurers are forced to pay out in some cases, but they can make claims or stop the payment," he pointed out.

The problem is that when a fraud is committed with such insurance, hardly after two or three years, when he is convicted, the person will be able to return the money that he took.

There have been incidents with Bulgarian drivers when they were not guilty, but were forced to admit guilt, sign documents in languages ​​they did not understand, etc., Dimitrov said.

"A lot of interesting things happened in the economy committee, I was embarrassed to say the least. At the first reading, the deputy minister of finance came out and said that our national office has certain problems and owes more than 30 and several million on various claims from abroad. Are all are scams - hardly but our national bureau owes money to other bureaus when claims are made for a Bulgarian vehicle that caused an accident abroad.Our chairman came out and said that these liabilities have been reduced to 9 million and are now under 5 million, that is, the problem has been solved. The Deputy Minister said: "we have instructions to solve the problem, not to make legislative changes". The Minister of Finance appears in the working group, who says: "we have agreed on texts and if not the text of the MoF is adopted,we will not be accepted in the Eurozone and Schengen".

The Economy Committee was reproached for lack of a quorum, the point is not to become hostages of a political scenario

, Dimitar Dimitrov also pointed out.

This problem and the double lifting of the "green card" policy of the carriers will affect not only them, but also all regular drivers, he warned.