The death toll from a bomb attack on a Pakistani mosque, which was targeted by the police in the city of Peshawar, has risen to 89, authorities said, quoted by DPA.

"At least 89 people have lost their lives," a local law enforcement spokesman told DPA.

At least 221 were injured in yesterday's suicide bombing, which was carried out at a packed mosque in a heavily guarded area near police headquarters.

At least ten of the injured are in serious condition, a hospital spokesman said.

During the night, at least ten more bodies were pulled from the rubble of the collapsed wall and roof of the mosque.

"Most of the victims are police officers, there are also clergymen," said the law enforcement spokesman.

The bombing in Pakistan: The death toll continues to rise

The attack is one of the bloodiest in Pakistan in recent years and was carried out during afternoon prayers.

An investigation has been launched to determine the reasons for the security breach that allowed the attack to take place.

"This is an attack on Pakistan," said Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack in Peshawar, which is located on the border with Afghanistan.

The attack was carried out against the background of increasing violence and deterioration of the security environment in Pakistan, DPA noted.

In the past, the Pakistani Taliban and the Islamic State terrorist group have carried out attacks on worshipers in mosques.

The violence increased after the collapse of months-long peace talks between Islamabad and Taliban fighters hiding in Afghanistan, writes BTA.

Last month, a police officer was killed in a car bomb attack in the Pakistani capital.