When Russia’s official TV station “Independent TV” went to the Russian-occupied area for an interview, it was brutally brutalized by Chechen soldiers. The cameraman was beaten by Chechen soldiers, and the female reporter (left) was brutally raped.

(picture taken from twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Melitopol (Melitopol) in southeastern Ukraine fell shortly after the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian War and became the Russian-occupied Zaporozhya region. During the local interview, they were brutally brutalized by Chechen soldiers, the photographer was beaten by Chechen soldiers, and the female reporter was sexually assaulted. Russia suppressed this incident and banned reporting, so as not to damage the image of the army.

According to a report by "myukraineis.org", the official Russian television station "Independent Television" sent personnel to the Russian-occupied Zaporozhye region for an interview. Akhmat (Chechen Special Corps) attacked, photographers were severely beaten, and female journalists were sexually assaulted.

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"Independent Television" asked the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to intervene in the investigation. The application documents showed that the injury report of Melitopol No. 1 Hospital showed that the photographer suffered moderate injuries. As for the female reporter, she was subjected to sexual violence by a group of people; However, the incident was banned from reporting by the Russian authorities in order not to damage the image of the army, and the Melitopol military commander's office also refused to investigate the matter.