After 26 years of operation, it came to a halt, and the Japanese National Highway Passenger Transport left the last train at noon.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] The Japanese National Highway Passenger Transport, which has served Yunlin folks to and from Taipei for 26 years, has reduced the number of passengers due to the opening of the high-speed rail. In addition, it has absorbed the half-fare difference for the elderly for many years, and has suffered losses for many years. It has decided to end the operation of the National Highway Passenger Transport. Today The last train leaves at noon, and old passengers feel it is a pity; Huang Wanyi, director of the Chiayi Supervision Department of the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Communications, said that the 4 routes of the Japanese unified passenger transport will be driven by the unified passenger transport to maintain the service.

Lin Yifeng, chairman of NTC Passenger Transport, pointed out that NTC has served Yunlin since 1996 and has ended its 26-year national highway passenger transport business. It is very painful and I feel sorry for the villagers. However, there is no way under the impact of the general environment. The government regulations were not up to the mark, so the Japanese reunification simply chose to end, thanks to the folks in Yunlin for their long-term care of the Japanese reunification.

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Lin Yifeng pointed out that the part of the passenger transport on the national highway is currently being terminated. About 60 employees will be laid off, and about 70 employees and drivers will stay and continue to serve the passenger transport in the county.

The Japanese government issued a red envelope to Wu Minghui, the last driver. Wu Minghui said that he had served in the Japanese government for 14 years. He was very sad to close the business. This company allowed him to take care of his family. It is a pity that this ended. Today The passengers on the bus are all old faces, very kind but also sad.

After 26 years of operation, Lin Yifeng, the chairman of Nitong, thanked the folks in Yunlin for their support over the years.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)