The West will continue its dosed military support to Ukraine, looking back at Putin's reaction.

In addition, the allies do not immediately provide us with all the weapons we need, because they are afraid that a quick defeat of the Russian Federation will lead to its disintegration.

This opinion was expressed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current head of the Russian Research Center, Volodymyr Ogryzko, in an interview with

"Unfortunately, the escalation has taken root in the minds of Western politicians. They use it as an excuse to quickly resolve the issue," the expert noted.

According to Ogryzko, although Putin's entourage has "lost their common sense", they perfectly understand what a nuclear button and a nuclear war are.

"They will not reach for this button because they were warned that this will be the last day of their physical existence," he is convinced.

According to the expert, the dosage in the provision of arms to Ukraine by the West has a different nature.

After all, in the case of a quick victory of Ukraine in Russia, "political earthquakes" of unprecedented force will begin, from which it will begin to collapse.

"Partially or completely - we cannot predict this, because so many factors will affect this situation. But it will not remain within the current borders. Pieces will begin to fall off: first small, then larger. And then it itself may cease to exist. And on there is no answer to this question in the West - what to do, who to negotiate with, how to remove nuclear weapons and a large number of other questions," Ogryzko suggests.

According to him, the West wants a gradual transformation of Russia so that it does not pose a threat both to its neighbors, such as Ukraine, and globally.

"And how to do this is an open question. Only now in the West have real studies begun on what to do so that the collapse of the Russian Federation does not lead to unforeseen consequences. This process is certainly difficult. That is why the West wants to delay the process of rapid collapse and understand how to act further." , - concluded Volodymyr Ogryzko.

Why do the West fear a quick victory for Ukraine

A similar opinion was expressed by Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the President's Office, in the fall.

In his opinion, the States are afraid that after the weakening of Russia, there will be a "vacuum of influence" in the world, which will be filled by India and China.

Therefore, the USA is delaying the transfer of weapons to Ukraine in order to prevent the collapse of the Russian Federation.

Ex-head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration (2015-2016) Georgy Tuka stated that the collapse of Russia as a single state is an absolutely real thing. 

The Network suggested that the disintegration of the Russian Federation could begin with Chechnya.

Instead, the Russian opposition journalist Ihor Yakovenko believes that the disintegration of Russia may begin with Tatarstan.

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