Despite the war, the number of frauds in Ukraine is tens of thousands per month.

For example, in the report of the Prosecutor General's Office for December last year, it is reported that more than 32,000 such offenses were recorded by law enforcement officers.

Recently, one of the most widespread frauds among leaders remains scams with housing rentals in those regions where thousands of immigrants have come.

For example, Lviv.

About how fraudsters act, "offering" an apartment in Lviv - in a comment for

, a resident told, who twice calculated that it is scammers who often offer housing.

on whose behalf the apartment was rented.

That's how I learned that at one time the fraudsters received a deposit and a passport photo from him.

Of course, I didn't pay any money, but filed a report with the police."

The man shared with screenshots of the correspondence with the fraudsters. 

Skrin housing for rent Lviv

From the correspondence, it becomes clear that scammers often say that they do not have time to think

Rent a house screen

In turn, the police of the Lviv region informed us that, as of now, they do not record an increase in fraud related to the rental of residential real estate.  

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