Alice, the assistant speaker from Yandex, can listen to users for a few seconds, even if her name is not called.

This was reported by "Yandex", commenting on the leak of the code of some services, The Moscow Times drew attention to it.

According to "Yandex", fragments of the merged code contained test algorithms that were used within the company to check the correctness of the services.

"For example, to improve the quality of Assistant activation and reduce the number of false positives, the employee beta uses a setting that turns on the device's microphone for a few seconds at a random moment without mentioning 'Alice,'" the company explained.

"Yandex" apologized to users, admitting that the principles of honesty and transparency were violated.

On January 28, 2023, Yandex acknowledged the leak of the source code of services.

An unknown user uploaded the archives, the compressed volume of which was 44.7 gigabytes.

He claimed to have accessed the data in July 2022.

"Meduza", having analyzed the leaked data, came to the conclusion that "Yandex" censors the search output of pictures and videos.

For example, the search is configured so that the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot be found by the phrases "bald, "bunker grandfather" and "when he dies."

  • In April last year, another major leak occurred at Yandex — the data of 58,000 customers of the food delivery service got into the network.

    Their names, telephone numbers, addresses, intercom codes and sums of expenses for the last six months were publicly available.

    The reason for the leak was the dishonest actions of one of the employees, the service was fined 60,000 rubles.

  • In May, the databases with the data of the couriers of the "Yandex.Ezha" and Delivery Club services appeared on the network.

    The database contained more than 700,000 lines with names and surnames, hashed passwords and phone numbers of Yandex.Yezhi couriers.

    There were 521.5 thousand lines of data in the file about Delivery Club couriers.

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