The former speechwriter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, political scientist Abbas Galyamov, believes that the probability of a military


in Russia is increasing against the background of the continuation of the war in Ukraine.

According to him, this moment may come in the next 12 months.

This is reported by CNN.

"The state of the Russian economy is deteriorating. The war is lost. More and more corpses are coming back to Russia, so Russians will live with more difficulties, and they will try to find an explanation for why this is happening, looking around at the political processes, and they will answer to themselves: "Well, it's because our country is ruled by an old tyrant, an old dictator," Galyamov said, referring to Putin.

The political scientist suggests the possibility of a coup in Russia in the near future.

"At this point, I think that a military coup will be possible. So in a year, when the political situation has changed, the country is led by a hated unpopular president, the war is really unpopular, and for this you need to shed blood, at that point a coup becomes a real possibility." — Galyamov emphasized.

Gallyamov also said that he believes that Putin can cancel the presidential elections scheduled for March 2024.

"When he escalates things unnecessarily, he can really cancel the elections. Without a victory over Ukraine, he will face difficulties with the Russians. The Russians don't need him if he is not strong. He can really declare martial law and cancel the elections," he added.

Will there be a coup d'état in Russia?

Russian and foreign experts do not rule out that a real coup may occur in the aggressor state due to Russia's war against Ukraine.

American professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, political scientist Daniel Treisman believes that the complete collapse of Vladimir Putin's regime is a more likely option to remove him from power than 

an armed uprising of generals or a mutiny of Kremlin elites. 

Russian publicist and oppositionist Andriy


holds a similar opinion .

This may happen due to the successes of the Armed Forces at the front. 

But the Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin said that 

removing Putin 

from outside is unrealistic.

The Russian publication The Insider, referring to a secret document developed in the Kremlin, writes that 


 has already begun to prepare for a possible coup d'état.

It states that "the adversary can use hypnosis and religion against the Federal Security Service." 

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