The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Municipal Government will provide small environmentally friendly lanterns, so that people who enjoy the Ryuzaki Kongshan Festival can have a more special experience.

(Provided by Nanshi Cultural Bureau)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] Tainan's "Longzaki Light Festival-Kongshan Festival", which was named "the most beautiful mountain lantern festival in the country" by netizens, was very popular after its splendid debut on Christmas Eve last year. So far, more than 65,000 people have flocked to visit it , the event has entered the last 2 weeks, and the Lantern Festival is about to usher in. The creative "Windmill Lantern" service limited by the Cultural Bureau of the Municipal Government is not closed, and 400 sets will continue to be prepared for the public to borrow, bringing a more special sightseeing experience.

The Ryugasaki Kongshan Festival is in its 4th year. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the municipal government prepares creative small lanterns for the public to borrow every year to enjoy a series of installation art works; The characteristic shape of "Concept of Wind" echoes the theme of the exhibition and also fits the spirit of environmental protection and sustainability.

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The Cultural Affairs Bureau stated that the Kongshan Festival is the only large-scale light festival in the country that sells tickets. The daily limit for this event’s holiday tickets is 3,000. To maintain the quality of visits, the supply is in short supply. On the eve of the opening, there will be crowds of people queuing to enter, which is obviously enthusiastic.

According to statistics from the Cultural Affairs Bureau, since the opening of this empty mountain festival, the total box office revenue has officially exceeded 4.2 million yuan. The event will last until February 12, and the estimated results are expected to be better than last year.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau said that it is an important tradition of the event to provide the limited lanterns of the year before the public enters the venue. Accompanying tourists to appreciate the brilliant light and shadow art, experience the wonderful story of the empty mountain, and smoothly visit the fantasy secret place, it will be a lot of fun. All are welcome to seize the last Chance.

Ryugasaki Sorayama Festival welcomes the Lantern Festival, and the loan service of creative windmills and small lanterns is not closed.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)