"This is such a fat like from the Belarusian authorities to my social networks"

— The court of the Leninsky district of Mogilev recognized your social networks as "extremist materials".

Your reaction?

- This is such a fat like from the Belarusian authorities to my social networks.

If they're afraid of my social media, that means I'm doing everything right, because it's the criminal authorities who should be on the dock.

- How many followers do you have in your social networks?

Have you analyzed what part of your audience is from Belarus?

- In total, I have about one and a half million subscribers in various social networks.

I have no information about how many subscribers I have from Belarus.

But it is clear that they exist, and there are many of them.

People write to me, I see relevant messages.

I thank all my Belarusian subscribers.

Thank you for being with me.

You can see how it annoys Lukashenka.

That's good.

So, I need even more Belarusians to be in my social networks.

"I really don't want anyone to get a criminal case"

- What do you think is the real purpose of the decision to recognize your social networks as extremist materials?

It is unlikely that you will be brought to justice, but it is a threat to your audience in Belarus.

What would you say to your Belarusian audience, other than gratitude?

What safety measures should be taken?

- I really don't want anyone to be subject to a criminal case.

However, I don't live in Belarus, so I don't know how to properly behave there.

I know that this is a dictatorial country, that they want to scare people in this way.

I can say that my duty to Belarusian subscribers is to do everything possible so that Lukashenka's regime falls as soon as possible.

Which I do.

I think that this is also a reaction to the PARE resolution on the creation of a real tribunal for Putin and Lukashenka, which I seriously contributed to.

I will continue to do all these things.

I want to say to my audience in Belarus: hold on and do your job, so that this regime is destroyed.

No one will do it for you.

We must all work.

- Previously, the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus opened a criminal case against you for threatening violence against Alexander Lukashenko and discrediting Belarus.

Have you received any messages, lawsuits about this directly?

- No.

Everything happens in public space.

There are CSTO countries.

Maybe I was wanted there.

I don't know.

I don't visit these countries...

"There are no exercises, Belarus is occupied by the Russian Federation"

- I would like to talk about the next Russian-Belarusian exercises.

The Ministry of Defense announced the beginning of January 31 "joint staff training of the Joint Command of the regional grouping of troops."

Belarusian-Russian flight exercises should end on February 1.

How would you assess the threat to Ukraine from these maneuvers and their true purpose?

- There are no exercises, Belarus is occupied by the Russian Federation.

My colleagues and I have prepared the corresponding draft resolution, and it is in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

These exercises are a threat to Ukraine, efforts to take our forces to the northern border.

This is a real threat, which, unfortunately, exists from the north of occupied Belarus.

Everything is obvious here.

— I wanted to ask you to comment on the information, which has been discussed quite a lot recently and which has not been officially confirmed, that Ukraine seems to be blocking Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya's participation in joint events with Europeans.

What do you know about it?

- I recently met with Tsikhanovskaya and her team at the Economic Forum in Davos and I do not have any confirmation of this information.

I think that this is not true.

- Do you keep in touch with Kalinowski's regiment?

Are you following what is happening after the recent visit of Zenon Pazniak to Ukraine?

- Yes, I support.

Unfortunately, I was not in Kiev, but I know about this visit.

This is happening on the basis of the parliamentary association "For a Democratic Belarus", which I head.

We regularly hold various meetings - both with representatives of Kalinowski's regiment and with Belarusian volunteers, and we will continue to do so.