Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin said in an interview, "Of course it is impossible to coordinate me away. Do I look well coordinated?" (Photographed by reporter Zhang Jiaming)

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] Taipei city councilor Xu Qiaoxin, who is seeking to be nominated by the Kuomintang to run for the legislator of the seventh constituency of Taipei City (South Songshan, Xinyi District) in 2024, said during an interview at the New Year gathering of the Taipei City Party Headquarters today that he can Winning is also a relatively strong candidate, and expressed support for Taipei City Party Committee Chairman Huang Lujinru's proposal to handle the nomination primary election by means of public polls. When it comes to coordination within the party, she also bluntly said, "Of course it is impossible to I coordinate, do I look well coordinated?"

As for the nomination mechanism that some people in the party mentioned 30% of party members vote and 70% of polls, Xu Qiaoxin said, "I don't care at all." For her, no matter which method is used, as long as she is strong enough, she should be able to win. I just hope there will be a fair primary election. However, she also said that it seems that this method has not been used for a long time for party members to vote, and the party department has not mentioned this method. She will support the party department’s decision.

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Xu Qiaoxin also said that she is confident that she can defeat all potential opponents of the DPP. She believes that "another Kuomintang candidate may not be able to do so." select.