The Spring Festival holiday is over, and today is the first working day. The Yilan County Government held a New Year gathering for employees in the county hall.

(Photographed by reporter You Mingjin)

[Reporter You Mingjin/Report from Yilan] The Spring Festival holiday is over, and today is the first day of work. The Yilan County Government held a staff New Year gathering in the county hall.

The director of the small cabinet bureau of the county government added three new recruits, namely Pan Liangyu, director of construction, Li Xianzhi, director of land affairs, and Huang Banshu, director of cultural bureau; Challenges, but the goal of doing things well is the same. In the future, I hope to let the world see the beauty and diversity of Yilan.

The small cabinet of the Yilan County Government has made major adjustments before the Spring Festival, and the relevant personnel have completed their registration today. Three new partners have been added. The Director of Land Affairs was replaced by Li Xianzhi, Section Chief of the Land Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government, and the Director of Cultural Affairs was replaced by Huang Banshu, Chief Consultant of the Asia-Pacific Region of Wedgwood Home Furnishing Boutique Company in the United Kingdom.

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Today’s Chinese New Year gathering, the three new directors of the bureau all talked about the direction to work hard in the future. Huang Banshu said that she will continue to develop in the direction of inheritance, innovation, diversity, and tolerance, and integrate international resources and her past experience. , I hope that in the future, the world will be able to see the beauty and diversity of Yilan, so that they can experience the fruits of Yilan's sustainable development.

Stepping into the public sector from a private enterprise, she said that it must be challenging to adjust her mood starting today. The private sector should be much different from the public sector, but the goal of doing things well is the same. We have the same goal together go ahead.

Pan Liangyu, director of the construction department, said that he hopes that Yilan's construction management and urban planning will be more convenient, convenient and transparent, so that the public can feel that the construction management part is no longer as cold as the government office, and everyone's business can be simplified and more electronic. Let the public know that construction management is changing, and that Yilan is changing. It is no longer as distant from people as it used to be. In the future, it will be more friendly and open to the people, so that the construction management procedures and urban planning will move in a better direction.

Director of Land Affairs Li Xianzhi pointed out: Yilan is a happy city, it has a good ecology and good human relations. In the future, in terms of guaranteeing real estate transactions, how to make transactions easier and more secure for the public? Many cities in Taiwan will Under the premise of maintaining a good ecological environment in the future, make appropriate supplements to the basic environment of public facilities and parks in the city, do proper urban development and urban development, and restore Yilan to a happy feeling. I hope that Yilan is not just There is ecological happiness, and I hope to be praised by everyone in terms of urban progress.

County magistrate Lin Zimiao pointed out that the county government will not close during the Spring Festival. I would like to thank the police and firefighters on duty and colleagues from various units during the ten days. Because of their dedication, everyone has a safe and safe New Year. The county government team is the best. The solidarity and cooperation of everyone has made the county residents feel that in the new year, a good start is half the battle. I hope everyone will work together to make Yilan better.

The Yilan County Government added three new recruits, namely Pan Liangyu (from left to right), Director of Construction, Huang Banshu, Director of Culture Bureau, and Li Xianzhi, Director of Land Affairs.

(Photographed by reporter You Mingjin)