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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] Xiao Wang, surnamed Yang, was accused of sexual assault and intimidation by her married ex-girlfriend Xiao Mei (pseudonym) who settled in the United States the year before last. Yuan; Yang Nan said that both parties are willing to do so, and refused to pay compensation.

According to the results of the criminal investigation, the Civil Court of the Taipei District Court found that there was no evidence to prove that Yang Nan was illegal, but having sex with Xiao Mei had violated his spouse's rights, and ordered Yang Nan to pay her husband 200,000 yuan.


The couple argued that Yang Nan and Xiaomei were boyfriend and girlfriend 25 or 26 years ago. Xiaomei had induced labor due to pregnancy. Later, the couple broke up and married each other. In 2019, I got in touch with Yang Nan through Facebook, and the two traveled to Penghu together from July 4th to 7th of the same year.

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But at this moment, Yang Nan knew that Xiaomei was married and still sexually assaulted Xiaomei twice in the Penghu homestay, causing Xiaomei to suffer physically and mentally. Yang Nan even used LINE's "personal signature" status bar to threaten Xiaomei by saying " Catch the world's most vicious female ghost (ㄢㄐㄩㄐㄐㄧㄝ I know the number and floor. You go to death)", "Extremely evil demon", "You (you) are alive, karma exists! Those few days did not It would be wrong to kill me", "Post a funeral for your family and sacrifices for your family".

Later, Xiaomei returned to the United States and informed her husband of the victimization process. The husband also filed a lawsuit against Yang Nan as a spouse. In total, the couple claimed 5.5 million yuan from Yang Nan.

Yang Nan explained that it was Xiaomei who suddenly contacted through Facebook to inform him of the time to return to Taiwan, and proposed to travel to Penghu together, and also provided his ID number for him to book a homestay. What happened between the two parties in the room afterwards was yours and my wish. Even though Xiaomei sued him for sexual assault, the prosecutor did not prosecute him after the investigation. Even if Xiaomei petitioned the criminal court to be handed over to trial, the judge did not find him sexually assaulted.

Yang Nan also emphasized that the content in the status column of LINE's "personal signature" is purely to express his feelings and is not aimed at anyone. Moreover, after the two broke up in 1998, they did not get in touch again until 2019. During the period of more than 20 years, it is impossible Mutual friends, most people will not know who they are referring to even if they read the content, which means that Xiaomei's reputation cannot be damaged, and she refuses to compensate.

According to the results of the criminal investigation, the Civil Court of the North Court held that there was no evidence to prove that Yang Nan was illegal, and according to the relevant pictures and witness testimony, Xiaomei once took the initiative to take Yang Nan's shoulders in Penghu; He left emotional words, but most people would not know who he was referring to, so it was not determined that Yang Nan threatened Xiaomei.

However, it is a fact that Yang Nan and married Xiaomei had sex twice, which has infringed on the spouse's rights, and Xiaomei's husband was sentenced to 200,000 yuan in compensation.