The Intelligence and Security Service of


discovered and detained two foreign citizens who were spying for Russia in Ljubljana.

Two suspects face up to eight years in prison for espionage and providing false information.  

Slovenia Posts writes about it. 

As noted, the foreigners were arrested in a rented office.

One of the suspects has documents for a fictitious name and citizenship of one of the South American countries.

The District State Prosecutor's Office in Ljubljana started pre-trial proceedings at the request of the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Service.

The two Russian agents are believed to have been with the Russian military intelligence service GRU and worked under a sophisticated "sleeper agent" program.

Most of these agents have false documents and citizenship of third countries, often from South American countries, and most of them work under the cover of GRU military intelligence. 

It will be recalled that a Russian agent who was collecting intelligence data for Russia was detained

at the German airport in Munich.

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