Former British Prime Minister Johnson revealed in a new BBC documentary that he received missile threats from Russia before the Ukraine-Russia war (Reuters)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) recently recalled in a documentary produced by the BBC that Putin threatened Britain before the Ukrainian-Russian War started.

During a phone call, Johnson tried to persuade Putin not to start a fight, but Putin asked the United Kingdom not to meddle in its own business, and even threatened: Don't forget that Russia has missiles that can be launched to blow up the United Kingdom within a minute.

According to the Guardian, a new documentary by the BBC recently described the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the fuse of the Russian invasion in February.

Former British Prime Minister Johnson spoke in the documentary, revealing that before the war, he called Putin to warn that if Russia really broke the peace, it would be subject to more severe sanctions from Western countries.

However, Putin responded with threats, saying that he did not want to hurt Johnson, but as long as there are missiles, it only takes a minute to bomb Britain.

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Johnson has been telling Western countries before the Ukrainian-Russian War that Putin's remarks are not just empty words.

Until the conflict actually broke out, Johnson also became one of the biggest supporters of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and visited Kyiv after resigning as British Prime Minister.

In addition, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (Ben Wallace) also revealed in the documentary that he failed to negotiate to prevent the war during his visit to Moscow.

Wallace said that a senior military official said at the time that his mother was from Ukraine, so he would not let the war happen, but Wallace knew at the time that the senior official was obviously lying.