2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival traffic information.

(provided by the city)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] Sunday, February 5th is the Lantern Festival. The 2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival "Happy Taichung" will be held in Shuinan Central Park from February 4th to February 12th. There will be an influx of people. The Municipal Transportation Bureau recommends that tourists who do not want to be stuck in traffic should "take the bus on weekdays and the shuttle bus on holidays". There are 9 buses that can take you to Central Park or nearby stations, or you can take the MRT to "Wenhua High School Station" or "Wenxin Cherry Blossom Station", exit the station and pass through Gansu Road to reach the Central Park Light District.

The 2023 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival "Happy Taichung" will last for 9 days. This year's main lantern is the 10-meter-tall "Happy Taichung Happy Rabbit". The lights will be lit at 6:58 on the opening night. In addition to the main lantern, there will be 6 themed lighting areas , 11 types of rabbits, more than 30 lamp sets, diverse gathering activities and "Park Rabbit" cultural and creative market.

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In order to avoid traffic jams, Ye Zhaofu, director of the Transportation Bureau, said that there are many bus routes passing by around Shuinan Central Park, including 8, 6 (sub), 25, 88, 157 (detour, extension), 355 extension, 525, 529, green 4, etc. 9 During the event, we will coordinate with the passenger transport operators to cooperate with increased frequency.

In addition, it is expected that there will be a lot of people watching the lanterns during the holidays. During the event period, free shuttle bus services will be added on February 4, 5, 11, and 12. The Transportation Bureau will provide 2 free shuttle routes of the Municipal Government Line and the Shochiku Line, and each shuttle station will go to the venue The departure time is from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm; the return departure time is from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, with a bus interval of about 15 minutes.

If you take the MRT to "Wenhua High School Station" or "Wenxin Cherry Blossom Station", you will arrive at the Central Park Light District after exiting the MRT station and passing through Gansu Road.

During the holidays, if friends from other counties and cities want to come to Taichung to enjoy the lanterns, people who take the high-speed rail can get off at Taichung Station, transfer to the MRT to the City Hall Station (Exit 1), turn right after exiting the station, and follow the on-site signs to take the "City Take the "Government Line" shuttle bus to the Lantern Festival; people who take the Taiwan Railway can get off at Songzhu Station, turn right after exiting the station, follow the signs and walk to the side of Taiwan Railway West Station (near MRT Songzhu Station Exit 2) and take the "Songzhu Line" shuttle bus Car to Lantern Festival.

If you want to drive by yourself, you can park your car in the parking lots around the stations along the MRT line. You can use the "MRT + Walking" on weekdays and the "MRT + Shuttle Bus" to go to the Light District on holidays. The Transportation Bureau is also located in Taichung. The traffic network APP has added a "Lantern Festival Zone", and the public can click to view the traffic information of the Lantern Festival. In addition, click on the "Parking Area Around Attractions" in the APP to quickly query the name of the parking lot around the MRT and display the remaining parking spaces. You can also directly use the navigation Lead the way, everyone is welcome to make more use of it.

According to the Transportation Bureau, the city government planned a free motorcycle parking area on the northeast side of the Central Park (between Qihang Road and Zhongke Road) adjacent to the venue, providing about 4,100 motorcycle slots, which is convenient for people who ride to park their cars Arrive at the venue on foot.

At the same time, from January 30 to February 13, the surrounding roads will be subject to round-the-clock traffic control, and illegal parking of vehicles will be strictly prohibited.