South Korea lifted its two-year indoor mask order today, and most people still choose to wear them well.

(European News Agency)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] South Korea lifted the two-year-old indoor mask order starting today. People are still required to wear masks only when taking public transportation and entering and leaving hospitals. According to comprehensive Korean media reports, most people are still used to wearing masks on the street. Wear a mask, even in the gym.

South Korea lifted the outdoor mask order as early as September last year. From now on, the indoor mask order is limited to specific places, and there is no need to wear masks in subway platforms, waiting rooms, elevators and other indoors. Korean media reported that from 7:40 am to 8:00 am At 00:00, only 3 to 4 of the 1,000 passengers who entered and exited the basement of Jiangnan Station did not wear masks.

An employee of a gym in Mapo District, Seoul also said that many people used to complain that it was uncomfortable to wear masks to exercise, but today most people still wear masks.

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"The elderly are still worried." The 80-year-old grandmother said that even if the epidemic is over, they will not take off their masks; the 28-year-old office worker surnamed Li said that they wear masks because the weather is very cold. If it is summer, they will choose not to wear them Masks; the 40-year-old mother surnamed Lin said that wearing a mask is already a habit, and her child's school also reminded parents to be careful of the epidemic.

In addition, the number of confirmed cases reported by South Korea today has reached a new low since July 4 last year (6,239 cases), with only 7,416 cases and 30 new deaths.

There were 22 imported cases, more than half (54.5%) of which were imported infections from China.