Commander of the Defense Forces of the South, Major General Andriy Kovalchuk, held a meeting with the heads of the territorial recruitment centers, the State Police Service, the National Police and local authorities regarding the scandals that arose in Odesa during the delivery of subpoenas.

This is reported by the Odesa Regional Center for Recruitment and Social Support (formerly known as the Military Commissariat - Ed.).

In connection with the use of "quick" by the military to serve summonses and improper behavior of employees,

official checks are ongoing.

"These facts are circumstantial and severely condemned by the command of the Defense Forces. Based on the results of the inspections, measures of influence will be taken in accordance with the degree of guilt," the message says.

Kovalchuk emphasized the

inadmissibility of creating a negative image of the Defense Forces

and the Armed Forces and violations of current legislation.

At the same time, he pointed out the need for "high-quality, complete and timely provision of the country with mobilization resources."

arguing that it has some commercial or humanitarian component.

We are capable of learning, mastering, and winning, in particular, when we are motivated by a great goal," said the commander of the Southern Defense Forces.

Where summonses can be served

The military was reminded that the summons can be served in any place that is not prohibited by law.

And this delivery does not necessarily have to be carried out by a representative of the shopping center and joint venture.

According to them, the summons can be served by other officials stipulated by the legislation: the head of the institution, organization and enterprise where the conscript works, the head of the ZHEK, condominium and other officials authorized by the territorial recruitment center to serve the summons.

Scandals with service of summonses in Odessa

We will remind you that last week a video went viral on the Internet, where employees of the Military Commissariat were traveling in Odesa in an ambulance and handing out summonses.

The local Military Commissariat confirmed that such an incident really took place.

They explained that the ambulance was received as part of the mobilization of vehicles and is being used as a minibus.

Due to the indignation of Ukrainians, the TCC promised not to use the "quick" anymore to issue summonses, although they assured that it is not prohibited by law.

Earlier, the public was outraged by another case from Odesa - the brutal detention of a man during the delivery of a summons in Odesa.

Due to this incident, an official inspection was ordered.

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