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The number of refugees from the territory of Ukraine from February 2022 until now is more than 5.2 million people.

This was reported by the TASS state agency, citing data from law enforcement agencies.

Of these 5 million people, 733 thousand are children.

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On average, more than 4,000 people were fleeing in Russia every day.

897 temporary accommodation points were organized for them, through which more than 40,000 needy migrants passed.

The rest relied on private funds or settled with relatives, writes TASS.

At the very beginning of its invasion of Ukraine at the beginning of last year, the Russian administration created corridors for the resettlement of Ukrainian citizens, including allocating a significant federal resource to Ukraine's border regions.

A rocket hit a residential building in Kharkiv, one person was killed and injured

At the same time, however, Kyiv accuses Russia of forcibly resettling Ukrainians on its territory, including an attempt to change the ethnic picture in the areas it occupies.

International organizations have also registered a number of problems with the emigration wave to Russia, with particular emphasis being placed on the abduction of Ukrainian children, giving them Russian citizenship and their "adoption" by Russian families.

Russia is violating "basic principles of child protection" during wartime by issuing Ukrainian children with Russian passports and putting them up for adoption, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi concluded after a six-day tour of Ukraine last week.

"Giving them Russian citizenship or adopting them goes against the basic principles of protecting children in war zones," Grandi stressed.

For months, Kyiv has been sounding the alarm about mass deportations in Russia - often in remote regions thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

For its part, Moscow denies allegations of abuse or criminal intent and calls the mass movements "evacuations."

Russian invasion of Ukraine