The former speaker of the National Assembly and current deputy from "We continue the change" Nikola Minchev, as well as the former acting prime minister and leader of "Bulgarian Rise" Stefan Yanev do not use security from the National Security Service.

The Law on NSO provides that the politicians, who held the positions of Speaker of the National Assembly and Prime Minister, will be protected for up to 4 years after their release from office.

Minchev only uses a car, as his security was removed before that of ex-prime minister Kiril Petkov.

Stefan Yanev never used security, only a car.

This was reported by "Sega", citing the press centers of both parties.

The NSO removed Kiril Petkov's security, a day after the article in Die Welt

Two weeks ago, the state security of the leader of "We continue the change" was removed.

The argument was that there was no immediate danger to his life, explained Petkov himself.

However, he still uses transportation from the National Security Service and denied the allegations that together with the co-chairman of the PP Vasilev they hired private security.

A meeting of the Commission for Oversight of the Services and the Use of Special Intelligence Means was supposed to take place last Tuesday, but the meeting did not take place due to a lack of quorum.

The MPs had to listen to the heads of the NSO and DANS and the chief secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who explained about the overthrow of Kiril Petkov's security.

In October, the official cabinet proposed a change, with which the 4-year term for guarding former Speakers of the National Assembly and Prime Ministers is shortened.

The reason is that lately the prime ministers and heads of the parliament have been changing frequently and this means huge expenses on the part of the NSO, it is clear from the reasons of acting Prime Minister Galab Donev.

Currently, the NSO, for example, must provide security and transport for three former prime ministers - Boyko Borisov, Stefan Yanev and Kiril Petkov.

Apart from that, he must protect the former heads of the parliament, Iva Miteva and Nikola Minchev.

Along with this, the acting president Rumen Radev, head of the parliament Vezhdi Rashidov and prime minister Galab Donev must be protected.