Flood-ravaged Auckland is expected to see more heavy rain in the coming days, the city council said, as people begin to assess the damage from flash floods that have hit New Zealand's biggest city since Friday, Reuters reported. .

Four people have already lost their lives in the flash floods that have hit Auckland over the past three days and caused millions of dollars in damage.

A state of emergency remains in place in Auckland and further south in the Waitomo region.

"There is very significant damage in Auckland," New Zealand's new prime minister, Chris Hipkins, told state broadcaster Zet today.

Unusually heavy rainfall has flooded northern Hungary

"I had the opportunity to see this first hand on Saturday and obviously there were a number of homes affected by the flooding, but also significant ground movements," he said.

According to him, 350 people currently need urgent accommodation assistance.

Since Friday, the city has received record amounts of rain.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) said on Twitter that Auckland had already recorded more than eight times its January average rainfall and 40% of its annual average.

Auckland City Council said if the rain continued at this rate there would be further flooding and landslides expected.

The Fire and Emergency Service received 30 calls in the past 12 hours, including responding to a landslide after a carport slid down a hillside.

So far, the council has deemed 40 houses off limits to people and has placed yellow stickers, meaning people can only enter certain areas for short periods of time, on a further 151 properties.

Insurance Australia Group divisions in New Zealand have received more than 5,000 claims so far, and Suncorp Group said it has received about 3,000 claims.