The head of the Foreign Ministry of the terrorist country of the Russian Federation, Serhiy Lavrov, accused Poland and the Baltic states of unleashing a "harsh Russophobic campaign" in 2022 and threatened to sever diplomatic relations.

Lavrov said this at a press conference on January 30, according to Russian propaganda media.

Lavrov said that last year, when the Russian Federation attacked independent Ukraine on a full scale, and the Baltic countries and Poland began to significantly help Kyiv and support Ukrainians, there was a "catastrophic degradation of relations with Poland and the Baltic countries."

According to him, interaction from all directions has been stopped or reduced to zero.

The Russian minister insists that this, they say, is connected with a "harsh Russophobic campaign", which, according to him, was launched, in particular, in Poland.

Lavrov also admitted the possibility of severing diplomatic relations with Poland and the Baltic states, where, in his opinion, "anti-Russian sentiment" prevails.

He assures that Moscow will not initiate this, but in the event of a break in diplomatic relations, according to Lavrov, all responsibility will fall on the authorities of these countries.

"These countries are trying to be a support for any "anti-Russian initiatives" of the West," Lavrov said, referring to the West's unprecedented aid to Ukraine.

In addition, Lavrov stated that Moscow intends to defend its national interests and threatened "long-term consequences" in case of "any actions of the adversaries".

We will remind you that recently Putin's henchman and the main Russian propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov once again

threatened Poland with the alleged "taking of Warsaw".

As reported by the Ministry of Defense of Poland,

the probability of a war involving Warsaw is extremely high

, so the country's foreign and defense policy should be aimed at strengthening relations with like-minded people around the world.

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