Tomorrow, January 31, is

the memorial day of Athanasius of Alexandria

in the Orthodox calendar .

The saint was born in Alexandria and was raised in the Christian faith from childhood.

He was interested in religious services from an early age.

It is interesting that even all his games with the neighborhood children were with deacons and bishops.

He also conducted the Sacrament of Baptism for everyone who wanted it.

At the age of 21, he became a deacon of the Alexandria Church.

It was he who accompanied Saint Alexander to the Council of Nicea.

He also helped fight the Aryans and their heresy.

When Saint Alexander died, he took his place and became the bishop of Alexandria.

During his twenty years of fasting, he fought for the purity of the Orthodox faith, wrote many discourses, ascetic institutions and commentaries on the Holy Scriptures.

In honor of the memory of the saint, on January 31, the people celebrate a holiday -

Athanasius Day


Signs of January 31

Folk signs on January 31 / Photo: Pexels

  • blizzard and blizzard for a long winter;

  • the moon or the sun in a circle - cooling will soon come;

  • the beginning of a thaw indicates a poor potato harvest;

  • and if the day is sunny, then spring will come early.

What can't be done tomorrow

The Orthodox Church forbids slandering, cursing, quarreling, and lying on this day.

Otherwise, you can bring evil back to yourself.

You should also not drink alcoholic beverages, so that a person is not controlled by otherworldly entities.

The front door should also not be left open on January 31, evil spirits can enter the home.

What can be done tomorrow

On this day, our ancestors actively fought against evil spirits.

That is why they started the morning with prayer.

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