Energy-efficient lamps, which the state promised to give to Ukrainians in exchange for old incandescent lamps, are already available.

As of today, Ukrposhta has become the delivery point for them.

It is about 5 free LED lamps in one hand.

In general, the state plans to issue up to 50 million lamps in order to ease the load on the country's energy system.

In which cities can you get lamps right now, and in some places you should wait a few weeks, says TSN. 

Energy-efficient lamps are on the shelves in the main branch of "Ukrposhta".

They say that long queues are not expected, the exchange procedure is quite fast.

"You need to have light bulbs with you, your documents: passport, identification code, be sure to remember your phone number.

This process takes several minutes", - they say at the post office. 

The main thing, before presenting the documents, is to provide old light bulbs.

Exchange is possible only - 5 lamps for 5 lamps.

The old ones must be working, it is indicated in the terms of the exchange, although they will most certainly not be checked.

On average, LED lamps are 8 times more economical than old incandescent lamps.

So, when the joint project of the European Union and the Ukrainian Government is implemented, Ukrainians will save up to 10% of the electricity that the population currently consumes during peak hours.

"When these millions of lamps are replaced, Ukraine will save one gigawatt of electricity - and that's like one nuclear reactor.

This is half the capacity of the Khmelnytsky NPP.

We are talking about huge savings", - says the head of the EU representation in Ukraine Matti Maasikas. 

As part of the project, the European Union provides Ukraine with 30 million energy-efficient lamps, another 5 million are provided separately by the Government of France, and the last 15 million lamps are needed - they are currently looking for them.

The fifth part from this list is already in Ukrposhta branches.

There are two ways to get LED lamps: come unannounced to the branch (and get the lamps if they are available), or register in the DIYA application (and thus already have a reserved product before the visit).

Today, the exchange of old lamps for new ones is available in regional centers, as well as in the cities of Kramatorsk, Kryvyi Rih and Pokrovsk.

In a week or two, the service will work in district centers, and by the end of February in all villages.

There will be no separate queue in the departments, it is worth taking the general queue.

Also, two types of lamps are available for exchange: with a larger and smaller base.

Ihor Smilyanskyi, the head of Ukrposhta, was one of the first to exchange them for himself.

"I'm renting an apartment, and last night I found an incandescent lamp, so today I'll just turn it on, show it, so that everything is fair," he says.

If suddenly after the exchange the new lamp has a defect and does not work, it will be exchanged for another one without any problems, provided the original packaging is available.

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