In Ukraine, from December 30, 2022,

"new" summonses will be issued



are drawn up on new sample forms

and differ in only a few points.

A potential conscript

has the right to refuse the "old" document.

Lawyer Serhiy Gula emphasized that the

previous form has lost its validity and does not carry any legal burden


How to act if you were served with an "old" summons

"Get acquainted immediately.

See if this is a new form that was created after December 30

, because it is indicated there.

If not, that's it. I'm sorry, you are handing out a document that has lost its validity

," the lawyer noted.

In this case, you have the right

to refuse to receive a summons


to draw up an act of refusal

in the presence of two witnesses:

 "Since the summons was issued on a form that has lost its validity, I refuse to receive it

. "

"Now the following questions come to me: "

Drive with us, we will give you a "new" summons or something

. People, you should not drive. No one has the right to illegally limit your rights and freedoms.

This is illegal deprivation of liberty

, " - explained Gula.

What is the difference between the "new" subpoena and the "old"

  • The first difference is in the name.

    Instead of military commissariats –

    territorial centers

  • The number of documents that must be brought to the picking center

    to clarify your data has increased.

    An identification number must also be added

    to the passport, military ID, and identity card


  • Also, in the summons of the new model

    , a clause appeared, which states that the conscript will bear responsibility if he does not appear

    at the checkpoint without a valid reason.

Do they have the right to serve an incomplete summons?

The lawyer added that the

incomplete summons is not addressed to you


Therefore, you also have the right to refuse to receive it. 

"Because the summons is addressed,

it is delivered to a specific person, it must be registered

. Take two witnesses,

write an act of refusal

. Since this summons was not issued to me... When it is issued to me, there are no questions," explained the lawyer.


wrote about who and where has the right to serve summonses in Ukraine.

The summons must be handed over by a representative of the military commissariat (territorial recruitment and social support center).

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