In the temporarily occupied Melitopol of the Zaporizhia region, "Kadyrivets"


a Russian propagandist from the NTV TV channel and beat the cameraman.

As the Telegram channel "Looking for your own" reports, this topic was forbidden to be covered in the news in the Russian Federation in order not to discredit the Russian army, however, the channel has already turned to the investigative committee of Russia.

The alleged appeal of the Russian television company NTV to the investigator of the Russian Federation with a request to help in the investigation of crimes committed against their film crew has been published online.

This statement states that their journalist Olga Z. and cameraman Artem Epifanov were in the city on an editorial assignment.

On January 17, they were having dinner at the "Vorontsovsky" restaurant, when they were attacked by men in camouflage uniforms who introduced themselves as "fighters of the Akhmat battalion."

As a result of the incident, the operator Epifanov received moderate injuries, and the propagandist was raped.

Representatives of the TV channel complain that "law enforcement agencies" under the control of the occupiers refused to investigate this case, and Gauleiter Balytskyi did not respond to the appeal.

The statement was published by the channel "Look for yourself"

On the NTV website, it is indicated that the journalist Olha Z. really works for them, her details are placed in the "correspondents in the regions" section.

By the way, this Russian journalist is under sanctions of the National Security Council for anti-Ukrainian propaganda, she is included in the database of the "Peacemaker" website.

As for operator Epifanov, he also works for NTV and is also included in the "Peacemaker" database.

Previously, he filmed Russian propaganda videos in the occupied part of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

It will be recalled that soldiers from the "DPR" and "LPR" complained that

they were systematically raped by "Kadyrivets"


One of the "LDNR" soldiers recorded a video appeal to their leader Ramzan Kadyrov with a request to quell the sexual preferences of his wards.

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