On January 27, 24-year-old pilot Danyl Murashko died

in Donetsk region during a combat mission


On the downed plane, despite the low altitude, he

tried to take the plane away from residential buildings

in the Kramatorsk district.

In this connection, he lost altitude,

was unable to eject safely and died a hero

's death , reported the 299th brigade of tactical aviation named after

Lieutenant General Vasyl Nikiforov on Facebook.

From February 24, 2022 to January 27, 2023, Murashko

made 141 sorties


In the difficult conditions of anti-aircraft defense and enemy fighters, he


about 70 units of armored vehicles, more than 80 motor vehicles, about 30 tankers of fuel and lubricants, and about 600 enemy personnel. 

Thanks to his skillful actions, he repeatedly carried out the withdrawal of aircraft from enemy air and missile strikes.

"From the first day of the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation, the officer faithfully and courageously performed all assigned combat tasks, showed heroic devotion to the military cause, patriotism and impeccable service to the Ukrainian people, was a loyal comrade and a bright example for the servicemen of our unit," - said the relatives of the deceased .

For outstanding achievements in the fight against the enemy

, he was awarded the orders

of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi

of all three degrees


Danyl Murashko / Photo: 299th tactical aviation brigade named after

Lieutenant General Vasyl Nikiforov

For the personal courage and bravery shown in the defense of state interests, strengthening the defense capability and security of Ukraine, Major Murashko Danylo Gennadiyovych was presented by the command of the military unit

to be awarded the title "Hero of Ukraine" (posthumously)


We will remind you that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, spoke about the very tough situation in Donetsk region and in the southern directions of the front.

So, there are constant Russian assaults and attempts to break through our defenses on Bakhmutsky, Vugledarsky and other directions in the Donetsk region. 

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