Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng talked about Xin Gekui's blessings.

(Photographed by reporter Xu Zhuoxun)

[Reporter Xu Zhuoxun/Taoyuan Report] Former Vice President Chen Jianren took over as the new cabinet, and will partner with former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan to lead the new cabinet members to stabilize the political situation and create a new situation.

Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng once again gave his blessings during the interview with the city government’s Chinese New Year gathering today. He said that he and Chen Jianren had worked as colleagues in the National Science Council and had strong confidence in his ability. More support.

When the media asked about the extent of the cabinet reshuffle, Zhang Shanzheng responded briefly, saying that whether the extent of the cabinet reshuffle is large or small, Dean Chen Jianren has his own discretion and discretion, and all walks of life should respect it.