Huxuzhang announced that starting from February 1, the price of some products will be raised, and the price of the signature bento will be increased from 95 yuan to 100 yuan.

(Taken from Huxuzhang's official website)

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Hu Xuzhang, a well-known snack company who started with Lu Roufan, announced today that after the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) in 2020, the domestic catering industry has suffered heavy losses. The triple challenge will adjust the prices of some products from February 1, including 10 types of bento, which will increase by 5 yuan, with an average increase of 5% for each item.

Hu Xuzhang said that the operating pressure of the catering industry is becoming increasingly heavy. The company has tried to reduce the operating burden through large-scale procurement, improving the synergy of supply chain management, and strengthening operation optimization. However, the cost of raw materials is still high.

According to the latest CPI annual growth rate of important people's livelihood materials announced by the Office of Accounting and Accounting of the Executive Yuan in 2022, it includes 6.54% for rice, 6.75% for pork, 5.6% for chicken, 27.81% for eggs, and 15.4% for salad oil.

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In addition, accumulatively from 2020 to 2023, the base salary will be adjusted by 10.9% and the basic hourly salary will be adjusted by 11.4%. Hu Xuzhang is still doing his best to abide by the laws and regulations, take care of every employee, and provide high-quality service and meal quality.

Hu Xuzhang said that since the start of the freeze in 2020, the accumulated pressure of human wages and raw materials has been rising for several years. After careful evaluation, it has been decided to increase 5 yuan for 10 types of bento, 1 yuan for duck eggs, and 2 home-based desserts. The increase is 5 yuan, with an average increase of 5%. 77% of all items have not been adjusted in price. In order to care about consumers' feelings, except for duck eggs, the a la carte products for internal use maintain the original price.

For example, the signature bento increased from 95 yuan to 100 yuan, the chicken rice bento increased from 80 yuan to 85 yuan, the pig's trotter bento increased from 125 yuan to 130 yuan, and the duck egg increased from 19 yuan to 20 yuan per piece , red bean purple rice porridge and rock sugar tremella dew increased from 45 yuan to 50 yuan.

Huxuzhang has raised the prices of some products since February 1, and the chicken rice bento has been raised from 80 yuan to 85 yuan.

(Taken from Huxuzhang's official website)