Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, assured that military aid, namely, tanks from allies, will arrive in Ukraine within the specified time.

This was discussed on the air of the telethon.

"We have specific dates when we need these tanks, and we will have them by those dates," he said.

Podoliak emphasized that Ukraine will receive everything it needs in full, at the moment when the armed forces need weapons.

"Until the beginning of certain actions, in which the formed new tank assault brigades will take part, we will constantly read that one or another partner will "give us weapons in 2030", because with the arrival of Gerasimov, the hybrid component of the Russian "SVO" has only increased. .. Therefore, let's say this: we will get everything we need in the amount in which it is needed, at the moment when it is needed by the Armed Forces," Podolyak noted.

Podolyak called rumors that new tanks will be built for Ukraine.

"It's a little bit different... Because the partners also understand what stage we're at and what tools we'll need this winter or mid-spring. So we'll have all that right when we need it," - he added.

Let us add that the 

Minister of Defense of Ukraine is convinced that

the supply of tanks is not the end of the story with the military aid of the West.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine spoke about the great importance of the number of tanks and the terms when they can be delivered to Ukraine.

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