There have been significant political movements in recent weeks.

many interesting things

The first story, during the merger of

political parties

, focused on

the Future Thai Party,

before talking to

the Chart Phatthana Kla Party for

a while, and then there was news that it was going to join forces with

Thai Sang Thai Party

And finally there is news that

key personnel of

Building the future of Thailand will go with the


Palang. There is a discussion at the adult level between General




Somkid Jatusripitak


Chief and Secretary of the Thai Future Creation Party

go to work with

The others are a matter of the future.

Therefore, we continue to focus on creating the future of Thailand and creating Thailand. What happened?

There would be a short answer.

Easy going up but hard going down

about the person's attitude to work

and many other things

Nothing is 100% perfect.

Especially coming together with a special purpose

An example from the Chart Pattana Party and the Kla Party

come together as a developing nation


With both Suwat Liptapanlop and Korn Chatikavanich, it's not easy to get into reality.

In the end, whose style is it anyway?

Not including

small parties

that in practice are not as expected.

A small party will be important, just 1 vote that will hold the lion's breath in a state of insignificance is not enough for politics that are fighting frantically without being considerate of anyone.

Aside from being cast aside, there is a choice between keep fighting and enough is enough.

Democrat power that seems to sway to and fro

Today is starting to set foot.

but like that

Politics change often.

In the case of people moving out, it's not something that will fit together like peeling a banana into your mouth. The case of


Thammanat Phromphao and

Gen. Wit Thephasdin Na Ayudhya


Gen. Prawit

must be responsible .

Difficult to find a suitable point directly

Politics in an era where both trends and bullets are strong

If the string is not long enough

Waste of time

will take a piece of wood to break up a log

How did the results come out?

You don't have to make guesses about each other.

The 30th prime minister spin-off between

Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan


Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha

has become the main issue.

Professional politicians have a sharp nose.

would know the political situation in the future better than outsiders

Raised the predictions of fortune tellers, Sen.

Wanchai Sornsiri,

talking about politics in some episodes to match the situation. Even if Pheu Thailand Slides, Ung Ing is not the prime minister to General Prayut.

Trying to be prime minister, I can't live. The reason is difficult to explain anything at this time.

political polarization

the original ruling coalition

There are both possibilities and impossible. Therefore,

General Prayut

's big problem is how to do it.

Together with Thais to build a nation, get the most MPs

Must be at least 25 votes or more.

For Pheu Thai, Pride Thai, Palang Pracharat If the poles are drawn together, the game ends immediately.

But if the political party on the land slide becomes a more advanced party, then the game will change immediately as well.

when Thai politics cannot be designed

Even if someone tries to design it.

iron fist