In Iran, on the night of January 29, explosions are heard again.

They sounded in the city of Mahabad near the headquarters of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

Also, unknown drones allegedly attacked a convoy on the border with Iran and Syria. 

Journalist Gurbakshi Singh Chahala writes about this on Twitter and Vnn publication. 

According to the Israeli state channel Kan 11, unknown drones attacked a military convoy on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The attack targeted a convoy of 25 Iranian trucks in the Abu Kamal area.

The trucks, according to Israeli media, belonged to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Although the Iranian mass media claim that "humanitarian aid" was transported there. 

There were also explosions 

in the city of Mahabad near the headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. 

BREAKING: #BNNIran Reports

Explosions occurred at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps headquarters in #Mahabad #Iran.

The cause of the explosions remains unknown at this time.

This story is developing.

— Gurbaksh Singh Chahal (@gchahal) January 29, 2023

Officially, it is currently unknown what happened. 

It will be recalled that on the night of January 29, powerful explosions were heard at a weapons factory in Iran.

No state or terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for this.

Western media believe that Israel may be involved and deny that the United States is behind the explosions in Iran. 

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