Once a year, and not every six months, the mandate of the UN peacekeeping forces in Cyprus is expected to be renewed in the future, KNA reported.

Citing its own source, the KNA reports that in the vote on the renewal of the UNFICYP peacekeeping force's mandate, which is expected to take place tomorrow, the council members will accept that this procedure will now only take place once every 12 months.

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According to the familiar source, the idea for this was Britain's and the issue has been discussed for some time.

The Cypriot government has agreed to this on the condition that the UN Secretary-General's reports on Cyprus will continue to be produced once every six months, as before, so that the Cyprus issue can be debated, the source claimed.

Also, the Cypriot government can raise the issue in case of serious violations of the resolutions by the Turkish side, as happened in the case of the opening of the closed city of Varosha in Famagusta by the Turkish Cypriot authorities.

The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Cyprus, UNFICYP, which consists of over 800 troops from around seven countries, arrived in Cyprus in March 1964 following clashes between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities.

However, tensions on the island remained and after a coup by Greek nationalists in July 1974 with the aim of unification with Greece, Turkey intervened with military force and occupied the northern third of the island.

So far, the negotiations for the unification of the two parts have not yielded results and the internationally recognized government controls only the southern part of Cyprus, and in the northern part there is de facto the so-called

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Ankara.

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