The winning numbers of the unified invoices in November and December last year were issued a few days ago, and everyone wants to be the lucky one for the special prize of 10 million yuan.

(Photographed by reporter Tang Shiming)

[Reporter Tang Shiming/Changhua Report] The God of Wealth favors you!

The winning numbers of the unified invoices in November and December last year were issued a few days ago. The special award number of 10 million yuan is "28089459". There are 3 lucky winners in 7-ELEVEN nationwide, among which Changhua County issued 2 tickets in one go, and they are located in Changhua City , Lukang Town, and the Lukang Town store only buys drinks for 39 yuan.

The news that Changhua has issued 2 tens of millions of prizes has spread throughout the local area. Relatives and friends not only wish each other congratulations on getting rich, but also curiously ask "who is the lucky one", hoping to be lucky too.

7-ELEVEN’s Zhangshui Road in Changhua City and Zhongshan Road in Lukang Town issued a prize of 10 million yuan for spending 300 yuan and 39 yuan respectively. It has been posted on the Internet for the past few days, causing heated discussions among people in the two places. Some people can’t hide their disappointment Said: "After the invoice was correct, it turned out to be a tortoise!" Some people said that after the news spread, it was spread everywhere: "Who exactly won the prize?" They even speculated whether they were relatives or friends.

Others said that it has been a long time since Changhua County issued two invoices for a grand prize of tens of millions of yuan. This time, two invoices were issued in a row, which is really rare.

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Another person joked that tomorrow is the first day of work after the Spring Festival, as long as anyone does not come to work, they are probably the lucky winners.

Some people speculated that for the ten million yuan grand prize offered by the Zhongshan Road store in Lugang Township, the lucky winner only spent 39 yuan to buy a drink. It is very likely that the nearby residents are very lucky.