The Central Meteorological Administration stated that the first half of the week was sunny and the temperature was rising day by day, reminding you to pay attention to the temperature difference between day and night.

(taken from Central Weather Bureau)

[Reporter Chen Xinyu/Taipei Report] The Central Meteorological Bureau said that the first half of the week was sunny and the temperature was rising day by day, and the Saturday make-up day will be the wettest day in Northeast China in the coming week.

From tomorrow (30th) to early Wednesday morning, you should still pay attention to the aftermath of the cold current. From the south of Hsinchu to the Jianan Plain, the local low temperature dropped by 8 degrees in the early morning at night; It is prone to rain in the Northeast on the day.

Zeng Zhaocheng, a forecaster of the Central Meteorological Bureau, said that the cold current has weakened during the day today, but the strong cold air continues to affect the whole of Taiwan. From tonight to tomorrow morning, except for Lianjiang County, a low temperature warning is issued for the whole of Taiwan. The dry and cold weather will continue until Wednesday daytime In the first half of the week, the temperature returned day by day, but some open areas radiated and cooled. At night and early in the morning, we should still pay attention to the low temperature of 10 to 12 degrees or even a local drop of 8 degrees.

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The weather in the northern and eastern half of the next week, from now until Wednesday, the cold current will weaken during the day, the north will be sunny to cloudy, and the sun will be visible in the morning. It will still be cold in the morning, and the temperature difference between day and night will be large. Dry and cold weather, Huadong and Hengchun Peninsula will have sporadic rain; a wave of northeast monsoon on Wednesday night will affect the cooling, and the moisture will increase. There will be short-term rain in Greater Taipei, Yihua, and Taitung. The temperature in the north will be obvious during the day on Thursday Decline and turn to wet and cold, with more and more moisture from Thursday to Saturday, and the worst weather and the most rain on the make-up day on Saturday; the northeast monsoon rain will not slow down until next Sunday, the day of vacation.

For the weather in the central and southern regions in the coming week, pay attention to the fact that the low temperature affected by radiative cooling may be more significant than that in the north, especially in the northern part of the Jianan Plain from the early morning of the night to the early Wednesday morning, and the local low temperature drops by 8 degrees. 12 degrees; from Wednesday night to Thursday it is still sunny to cloudy, from Friday to next Sunday the cloud cover increases, the low temperature in the morning and evening is about 14 to 16 degrees, and the high temperature in the daytime is above 20 degrees.

In addition, as the weather warms up day by day, you should pay attention to the possibility of fog in the central and southern regions on Monday and Tuesday; on Wednesday, you should pay attention to the fog in the entire western half, and you need to pay attention to traffic.

The northeasterly wind will strengthen again from Wednesday night, and the wind and waves along the coast of Taiwan will increase rapidly. Be careful when moving around the seaside and in open areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a low-temperature special report for all areas of Taiwan except Lianjiang County, reminding that the cold current and radiation cooling from the evening of today (29th) to the morning of tomorrow (30th) will be very cold in the morning and evening in all parts of Taiwan, Penghu and Kinmen, and there may be 10 temperature below 100°C.

(taken from Central Weather Bureau)