Chen Junlin, a Hakka from Neipu, Pingtung, opened a Hakko breakfast restaurant with a unique and memorable name on Beizhong Street, North District, Tainan.

(Provided by Tainan City Hakka Committee)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] What kind of sparks will be created by combining traditional Hakka cuisine with Western-style ingredients?

Tainan City Hakka Affairs Committee recommended the story of Hakka entrepreneur Chen Junlin before the end of the annual holiday. Hakka man Chen Junlin runs a breakfast restaurant called "Hakko" in the North District of Tainan. Outsiders are puzzled and think that this store specializes in "Xiaowang" .

Chen Junlin explained that "Hakka brothers" means Hakka brothers, please don't misunderstand!

Chen Junlin, a Hakka from Neipu, Pingtung, said: "I like to try different things all the time." When he came to Tainan and opened this breakfast restaurant called "Kexiong" on Beizhong Street, North District, he explained that "Kexiong" is actually The two characters represent Hakka brothers. He hopes that while the name of the store is easy to remember, it can also carry expectations for his own Hakka culture.

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Chen Junlin, who often watched his grandma cook when he was young, chose to step into the ranks of cooking when he grew up. He hopes to present the good taste of every home-cooked dish of his grandma to more people to taste in his childhood memories.

He tried to make improvements and innovations, combining burgers, sandwiches and omelets with traditional Hakka dishes such as pork with prunes, chicken in orange sauce, dried cabbage, bacon, etc., and launched a series of special breakfasts that are different from traditional Hakka flavors.

Inheriting grandma's Hakka taste is Chen Junlin's main signature. In addition, he also designed some novel flavored omelets, such as matcha flavor, dragon fruit flavor, etc., hoping to make the meal break away from the inherent framework and give every guest a brand new taste experience .

Chen Junlin said: "Because I like to be different from others, I can do it, if everyone can do it too, I won't do it!"

Kexiong Breakfast Restaurant was originally operated as a mobile dining car, and then opened a store on Kaishan Road, West Central District, Tainan City. Now it has moved to Beizhong Street in the North District. Not only the meals have personal characteristics, but the store decoration is also unique.

Chen Junlin makes good use of the materials around him, maximizes ingenuity and practicality within a limited budget, and makes the store style "both rustic and playful", just like his creative cuisine.

It has been 7 years since Chen Junlin opened his business. In the past two years, the impact of the epidemic has affected his business, but the joy of growing up with customers along the way has given him more insight into the life of opening a shop.

As he said: "Who doesn't have the bitterness of opening a store, but there are more interesting and happy things!".

The business hours and menu of the breakfast shop are updated from time to time. He welcomes everyone to check his FB fan page "HaKka bro" and enjoy a "KaKka breakfast" with a creative soul and full of HaKka flavor!

Hakka burger meat has always been a popular dish at Hakka breakfast restaurants.

(Provided by Tainan City Hakka Committee)