Shi Zhe issued an article stating that he will continue to promote "strengthening Taiwan's content and building cultural confidence" that he believes in and strives to practice.

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[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] The cabinet was reshuffled, Kaohsiung City Vice Mayor Shi Zhe will take over as the Minister of Culture, Shi Zhejin (29th) posted on Facebook in the early hours of the morning, saying that he will continue to promote what he firmly believes in and strives to practice, "strengthening Taiwan content and building cultural confidence ".

Shi Zhe pointed out that in the past seven years, everyone has worked together to implement President Tsai Ing-wen's cultural policies, and more actively develop and promote Taiwan's content, implement the formulation of cultural-related laws, promote cultural policies, and subsidize and handle related cultural performances. When the epidemic hits the art industry, assist and protect the affected art industry, support the art team and art workers, and go all the way to the post-epidemic recovery.

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Taking over, he will continue to "strengthen Taiwan's content and build cultural confidence."

"Strengthening Taiwan's content" requires expanding the creative and content side of Taiwan's content, combining new technology and media communication environment, and connecting with the public, mainstream, and media sides, so that Taiwan's content can enter the public.

From the opening ceremony of the Kaohsiung World Games in 2009, the third prince rode a motorcycle on the world stage, the Tiger Lord in Kaohsiung at the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival, and the Taiwan IP Kaohsiung Original Chatting River at the 2022 Taiwan Cultural Expo. Amazing charm.

I believe that when we can deeply feel the wonderful and moving content of Taiwan, we will be able to build our cultural confidence in Taiwan.

Shi Zhe said that after the epidemic slows down, countries around the world have lifted border blockades and restarted international exchanges. At present, many teams have returned to the stage of international tours and exhibitions. The international promotion of Taiwan's cultural performances and the export of Taiwan's cultural content will be important. The essential.

At the same time, to avoid the outflow of cultural talents after the opening of the country, and related preventive measures are all businesses that the Ministry of Culture should continue to pay attention to and promote.

One baton after another, he who takes over the baton at this moment will continue the achievements of everyone's hard work, and will continue to implement President Tsai Ing-wen's cultural policies, actively promote the related business of the Ministry of Culture, and work with the warm and tenacious Premier Chen Jianren, Deputy Dean Zheng Wencan and the Executive Yuan team worked hard together and did not dare to slack off. "We hope to be the salt of the earth together and bring about the light of Taiwanese culture."

Shi Zhe also thanked Chen Ju, former mayor of Kaohsiung City, for giving him the opportunity and space to serve Kaohsiung, and Mayor Chen Qimai for his support and respect for the development of Kaohsiung art and culture all the way, and for supporting all creators to create freely in the vast port city, so that art and culture can Injected into the mountains, seas and river ports in Kaohsiung, and strive to make these beauties a daily life in Kaohsiung.

During Shi Zhe's tenure as Director of Cultural Affairs in Kaohsiung, he combined the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung with the Kaohsiung Spring Art Festival. The main lantern show invited 24 opera kings and queens to perform "Boat Love" on the same stage.

(Extracted from Shi Zhe Facebook)