The West realized that Russia could gain an advantage in a protracted war, so they dramatically increased military aid to Ukraine.

This is stated in the article of The Wall Street Journal.

"This contrasts with the sentiment that was widespread last spring as Russian troops retreated from Kyiv. As Russian President Vladimir Putin's initial military plan failed, Western governments hoped that the longer the fighting went on, the more likely Ukraine would win." , - the journalists note.

Officials in some capitals now fear that the Kremlin, which is willing to keep throwing its men to the front, could gain an advantage in a protracted war of attrition, they said.

That is why the West decided to give Ukraine more advanced weapons that could help us change the dynamics of the war.

There is another factor.

Currently, public opinion in Europe and the USA remains steadfast in supporting military and financial aid to Ukraine.

But Putin hopes that such support will not last after years of war and after the change of power in the United States and other countries.

Also, some officials in the West are worried about how realistic is the main goal formulated by supporters of increasing military support for Ukraine — achieving a faster end to the war.

Earlier, the NYT explained why Putin appointed Gerasimov instead of Surovikin as the commander of the occupation group of Russian troops in Ukraine.

The New York Times also analyzed whether Ukraine will have enough Western tanks and when they will be at the front.

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