The President of Bulgaria from 2002 to 2012, Georgi Parvanov

Georgi Sedefchov Parvanov was the president of Bulgaria in the period 2002-2011. In 2002, he joined the is against the idea of ​​a presidential republic.

"We have a well-structured constitutional parliamentary republic.

That we fail to fulfill it with real content is a flawed political model.

Trifonov will not win Bulgaria", commented Parvanov in the program "On Focus" on Nova TV.

Parvanov doubts that such a thing can be achieved.

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He also commented on the articles of Die Welt and Politico.

According to authoritative publications, Sofia supplied Ukraine with Soviet-era fuel and weapons at the beginning of the war, but kept this secret.

Reports claim that Sofia provided 30% of the ammunition and 40% of the fuel needed by the Ukrainian army in the early stages of the war.

Parvanov stated that he was not surprised by the scale of the aid.

"There was a lot of talk in political circles, in circles that deal with such business.

There is no room for denial here.

This has happened.

Who takes responsibility - Kiril Petkov and Kornelia Ninova should sit down and understand each other.

It is important for morale, because we are twisting, hiding, someone is lying", said Parvanov.

"If Ninova wants to protect her honor, she should sue Die Welt."

This is about a major fraud, in moral terms, on the back of the Bulgarian", commented Parvanov.

Georgi Parvanov

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