The head of the joint chamber of Iran and China also confirmed the decrease of Chinese investments in Iran and emphasized that one of the reasons is the orientation of the middle-level leaders of the Islamic republic towards the West, writes Radio Farda.

Ali Fekri

, deputy minister of economy in the organization of investments, economic and technical assistance, announced at the press conference that since the beginning of the presidential term of

Ibrahim Raisi

, the Chinese have invested only 185 million dollars in 25 projects.

According to him, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Afghanistan invested the most in Iran during this period of one year and three months, apart from China.

The signing of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers led to the conclusion of contracts between Tehran and foreign companies, but after the US withdrawal from the JCPOA and the reimposition of economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic, these companies left Iran.

Earlier, the Organization of Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance to Iran under the Ministry of Economy reported that over the past two years, the Chinese have invested about 227 million dollars in Iran.

The reduction in Chinese investment in Iran comes as China has joined forces with Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic in recent weeks.

Unlike his previous regional visit in 2016, Chinese President

Xi Jinping

did not come to Iran this time in mid-December, but went directly to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to "deepen relations".

The sharp drop in the level of Chinese investments in the Iranian economy occurred despite the fact that Tehran and Beijing had previously signed an agreement on 25-year cooperation, and Tehran claimed that based on this document, China would invest $400 billion in Iran.