Last year, a record number of soldiers joined the Polish Army.

This refers to professional soldiers who signed a contract - 13,742 people.

This is a record since the abolition of compulsory military service, the website of the Polish government reported.

"This is only the first stage, because in 2023 our campaign "Become a Soldier of the Republic of Poland" will only gain momentum.

As a result, more volunteers have already signed up for voluntary conscription.

Today and tomorrow, 370 territorial defense servicemen will or have already taken the oath of office in 8 brigades.

Thank you very much for that.

We are building the power of the Polish Army.

We are building new military units," Deputy Prime Minister

Mariusz Blaszczak

said on the eve of Lublin .

The head of the Ministry of National Defense, thanking the new soldiers for their decision to join the Polish Army, noted that the Polish army should be even bigger and equipped with the most modern equipment.

This is a necessary condition for Poland to be safe.

Blaszczak also indirectly criticized the previous authorities for liquidating the Lublin Mechanized Brigade, which has now been restored and is part of the 18th Mechanized Division, the division that protects the security of eastern Poland.

"Last December, the first Korean K-2 tanks, including K-9 howitzer guns, were put into service.

This year there are more deliveries, including HIMARS, which have proven themselves very well in the hands of Ukrainians, allowing them to repel Russian aggression.

This year, the Polish Army will also receive Korean K239 Chunmoo, that is, missiles with similar characteristics to HIMARS.

The 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade will receive Abrams tanks, the most modern and heavy tanks, which will also be a very important argument when it comes to deterring the aggressor.

Our task, the task of the Polish authorities, is to strengthen the Polish Army in order to restrain the aggressor, so that the aggressor does not dare to attack us," added the Deputy Prime Minister.

Blaschak noted that the army should reach the number of 300,000 people in the future.

At the moment, it consists of 164 thousand people.