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It is time to look for the great unifying tasks before the nation that will get people to vote.

To give meaning to the democratic process.

This was stated by the leader of "Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association composed of "Hristo Ivanov".

He was born on September 13, 1974 in Sofia.

Hristo Ivanov has a master's degree in law from the University of Sofia after a meeting of the party's national bureau, which gave a mandate for negotiations on general participation in the elections with "Proceeding the Change" (PP).

"This also applies to our relations with the PP, we will care a lot about our ideological appearance. We have a generational duty," he pointed out.

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"We want a democratic reformist government that can solve those great national tasks, for the sake of which society is sought to be united, in order to close the severe dividing lines that have opened up in recent years. Here are Schengen and the Eurozone, as well as the Constitutional reform. So, for the sake of these goals, we must find the most correct formula, and we will look for it in negotiations with the PP," Ivanov pointed out. 

Hristo Ivanov

Democratic Bulgaria

National Union of the Right