"Everyone Fat Lottery" in Daya District, Taichung, colleagues in the technology industry raised funds during the Chinese New Year, and was lucky to win a grand prize of 1 million yuan.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Jianzhi)

[Reporter Chen Jianzhi/Taichung Report] Taichung Lottery issued 20 million super red envelopes during the Chinese New Year. The "Everyone Fat Lottery Ticket Shop" in Taichung's Daya District, a 35-year-old woman who works in a nearby technology factory, called on her colleagues to raise 30,000 yuan I bought a copy of 18 pieces of 20 million super red envelope scratch games for 6,000 yuan. In the end, I won a total of more than 20,000 yuan. After discussion, everyone decided to pool money to buy the second "Big Prize" book. Unexpectedly, I was really lucky. 1 million yuan, happy Chinese New Year everyone earned a big red envelope.

An agent surnamed Huang of Renrenfa Lottery on Xuefu Road, Daya District said that the 35-year-old female customer claimed to work in a nearby technology factory. She saw the news that someone had won 1 million yuan a few days ago, so she invited 10 Many colleagues raised funds to buy scratch-off games. On the 25th, they went to the lottery store and spent 36,000 yuan to buy a set of 20 million super red envelope scratch-off games with a total of 18 cards to try their luck at home.

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The agent surnamed Huang said that the female customer came to the lottery store again the next day, and said that she won a total of more than 20,000 yuan yesterday. After discussion, everyone felt that the God of Wealth should still be there, and decided to pool money and buy a second "Big Prize". Unexpectedly, they really won 1 million yuan this time, which made them very happy, and they earned a big red envelope during the Chinese New Year.