The full-scale war affected the earnings of Ukrainian celebrities.

Someone was left without a job at all, such as many actors, because the filming of movies is almost non-existent these days.

Someone earns much less than before the war, and some stars have lost their jobs altogether.

The editors of the website have prepared a selection of how the earnings of celebrities changed during the full-scale war.

Alina Shamanska

Before the start of the full-scale war, the blogger made money on Instagram by advertising for Ukrainian brands.

When Alina was evacuated to the USA, the nature of her activities did not change.

The celebrity continues to make money from advertising.

However, Shamanska's earnings have significantly decreased.

If a celebrity in Ukraine could spend 5-6 thousand dollars a month, now Alina is saving.

The blogger's limit is 100,000 hryvnias per month.

Shamanska also manages to save money.

Alina Shamanska / Photo:

"Now I save. Moreover, when I earned a lot, I spent everything. I never collected anything. I lived to the fullest. I traveled, bought everything I wanted. But now I earn a little less, but now I save . When I lived in Ukraine, I spent at least 5-6 thousand dollars a month. Now it is a slightly smaller amount. I use the 100 thousand hryvnias limit per month," Shamanska said in an interview with Oleg Frienda's podcast.

Dasha Kvitkova

The blogger's main income comes from Instagram, where Dasha has 1.7 million followers.

Celebrity does ad integrations.

There are a lot of people who want to order advertising from bloggers, because all places are taken two months in advance.

In general, Kvitkova earns 30-40 thousand dollars per month.

However, this is not pure earnings.

Dasha Kvittkova / Photo:

"Now I earn 30-40 thousand dollars, but this is not my net income. I have a very large team. The manager earns 15%. There is a PR person, a photographer, a stylist, a make-up artist. I donate every day," Dasha said during the interview with Masha Efrosinina.

Taras Tsymbalyuk

The full-scale war had a significant impact on the Ukrainian actor's earnings, because nowadays almost no new projects are filmed.

As Tsimbalyuk said, before he didn't even think about saving money, because there was enough work.

Moreover, for one shooting day, Taras could receive a fee from 15 to 70 thousand hryvnias.

Nowadays, Tsimbalyuk has to save money.

The actor spends 50-70 thousand hryvnias per month on his minimum needs.

Taras Tsymbalyuk

"Now, in general, my needs are minimal, 50-70 thousand hryvnias (per month - editor's note). Before, you were not afraid to go out on a budget. You went to the Maldives - fine, if you didn't go - that's fine too. Now you have to somehow to plan, this feeling is not very pleasant, it slightly shakes the man's core, which I just started to feel," Taras said in an interview with Slava Dyomin.

Natalka Denysenko

The popular actress has almost lost her earnings since the start of the full-scale war, because filming is on hiatus.

Although Natalka appears in some projects, there are few of them.

However, the actress's family lives on savings.

Before the war, the celebrity dreamed of a private house, so she collected funds for it.

So, these savings helped a lot, because now Natalka's family lives on these funds.

Natalka Denisenko / Photo:

"Before the war, we worked a lot. A lot. That's why we have quite good savings and live on them. We saved money for a house. We don't have a house, but we have something to live on. There is also some work in voiceovers, in Instagram collaborations. Here on this is what we live for," the actress said in an interview with "24 Kanal".

Darya Petrozhytska

Darya Petrozhytska, like many other Ukrainian actors, lost her job.

So, now the celebrity provides a boyfriend with whom she lives in Germany.

By the way, Darya's beloved cares not only about the two of them, but also about their cats.

Daria Petrozhitskaya with her boyfriend / Photo:

Olga Sumska

The famous actor plays in plays.

However, currently they do not bring such earnings as before the full-scale war.

Firstly, there are not so many viewers.

Secondly, part of the funds from the sold tickets are transferred to help the Armed Forces.

Before the full-scale war, Sumy's family set aside certain savings, which they live on now.

Olga Sumska / Photo:

"We live on savings, we hold on, we do not lose heart. We understand that it is difficult for everyone today," Olga Vyacheslavivna said in an interview with "24 Kanal".

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