In the age of political police flourishing


There is a satirical slogan in the police circle that

"Under this sun

There is nothing the Thai police can't do.” Even the opium trade.

That motto faded away at the end of the Age of Pride Knights.

But now the police are in constant scandals, such as their involvement in the Du Hao case.

similar to being under the influence of foreign gangs

latest scandal

Taiwanese actress An Yu Ching who traveled to Thailand during the New Year

Return to Taiwan TV

Allegedly being extorted 27,000 baht by the police, telling a story in detail in detail, being summoned by the Thai police in the middle of the night, asking to search the bag to see if there were drugs or not.

but really want to see if there is money or not

The search ended with the extortion of all the money the Thai police counted face to face.

Recounting the first day of a Taiwanese actress

ends with the phrase

“Goodbye Bangkok.

Putrid” is a speech that touches the hearts of Thai people throughout the country.

The story escalated into an international dispute.

The actress shared that she decided to call on Interpol to help.

As for the Thai police, hurriedly came out to deny it immediately after it was reported that 7 police officers at Huai Khwang Police Station denied that there was no extortion of money.

The police only detected e-cigarettes among tourists.

but don't take the matter

Just say it's illegal in Thailand.

But the young actress claimed that the police gave her an e-cigarette and told her to take it. After receiving it, the police took a picture as evidence.

as they like to say in the general circle

There is only one truth.

In this matter, someone must have lied to one side.

Depends on who to believe

But if you believe the police, they will make you suspicious.

Why do Taiwanese actresses lie?

If you lie, what will you get in return?

The star also accused

She wasn't the only group plowed.

Other groups have already been hit.

until there was a news report about the tour guide

Give advice to tourists who come to Thailand

if extorted by officials

Hurry up and stuff 5 thousand yuan to avoid the hassle.

But don't carry much cash.

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister, announced through the government spokesman that relevant agencies should investigate carefully in order to gain credibility.

It is worrying that only a few thousand baht (if it is really accepted) is ruining Thailand's reputation.

As a top country in the world

that tourists want to come

because nature is beautiful

Thai people are so friendly that they are called

"Siam Land of Smiles" Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, announced if the police were really wrong.

Got a criminal case for sure.