Only some of these reports have been confirmed by official authorities.

We have collected for you all the known information for this hour. 

At first, social networks began to abound with reports that

in Iran, in the city of Isfahan, there was an explosion at the production of ammunition of the Ministry of Defense of the country


He said that it is there that Iranian drones will be produced.

According to preliminary information, no one was injured.


, the Ministry of Defense of Iran confirmed the explosion at the munitions factory due to a drone attack, but called it an "unsuccessful" attack


Allegedly, one of the drones was shot down by an air defense complex, and the other two fell into defensive traps and exploded. 

Drone attacks in different cities of Iran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Azarshahr According to reports, drone attacks have taken place in five different bases of Iranian forces

— Aajoibalochistan (@Aajoibalochist1) January 29, 2023

In addition, local mass media reported that

a powerful fire broke out at an oil refinery in the Salimi industrial district in the city of Azarshahr


Then, social media began to circulate messages that on the night of January 29, 2023, it is reported that 

Israel launched a military operation against Iran

, but so far, nothing has been officially announced by the Israeli government or military. 

The source for the dissemination of information about the start of a special military operation against Iran was a message on the Twitter microblogging service of Al Arabia publication, however, also to unnamed Israeli mass media. 

Later at night, a message appeared on the Telegram channels of an allegedly official statement by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Tonight, we have decided to attack terrorist organizations. Our response will be strong, quick and precise. Whoever wants to harm us, we will harm him," the prime minister said.

However, later it turned out that this is not an official statement, but a message that was previously said and taken out of context during the last meeting of the Cabinet, and it was said about terrorists inside the country.

Now it is only said that the Israeli authorities, after a new wave of terrorist attacks, have decided to strengthen measures to combat extremism and strengthen security inside the country.

This is stated in the statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office following the meeting of the security cabinet, which includes key ministers. 

Also at night there was information that in many cities the sounds of explosions were heard and air defense was working.

There are reports of an explosion at an air base in the city of Dizful in the west of Iran, explosions and fires in the cities of Hamadan, also in the west of the country, and Resht, which is in the north. 

#UPDATE: The Iranian capital #Tehran explosions footage

— Breaking News 24/7 (@Worldsource24) January 28, 2023

In some cities there is an air alarm.

Also, they say, Iranian revolutionaries have started fighting in some cities.

According to reports on social networks, Iran's airbases were put on alert, and aircraft flying low enough over cities were raised into the sky, so that people's windows were knocked out.

Jets are seen over #Tehran #Iran.

— Erfan Fard (@EQfard) January 29, 2023

There was also information that 5 Iranian military bases were bombed. 

It is now reported that the internet has been shut down in Iran.

Let's emphasize that there are currently no official reports of any military actions from both Iran and Israel.

Let's add that American media sources are also silent.

As of 03:28 on January 29, 2023, there are no reports of casualties or casualties from the incidents in Iran. 

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