The attacks on a weapons factory in Iran were a "great success", but no one has yet claimed responsibility for the strikes on the military infrastructure of Russia's ally. 

He writes about it 

Jerusalem Post. 

The publication, citing its own sources in Western intelligence, reported that four explosions rang out at the factory in Isfahan, where weapons were manufactured.

According to media reports, the extent of the damage is much greater than Iran has claimed.

They emphasized that the government of this country often hides real losses and recognizes them only when satellite images are made publicly available. 

Involvement in the attacks on the military infrastructure of Iran was immediately attributed to Israel, but the authorities of this country do not comment on this in any way.

Western and Iranian sources, on the other hand, claim that similar operations are often carried out by the Mossad.

The last such incident was in February 2022, when it became known about the destruction of 120 Iranian drones. 

It is still not clear what weapons could have been destroyed in Iran.

According to various sources, nuclear weapons could even be developed there. 

It will be recalled that on the night of January 29, a series of powerful explosions occurred at military infrastructure facilities in Iran.

In particular, in the cities of Shahid-Salimi, Dizful, Hamadan and Rest.

In addition, it was noisy at night in the capital - Tehran.

So far, no country or terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the blasts.

The role of Iran in the war against Ukraine 

Iran actively supports Russia in the war against Ukraine by sending Shahed-136 drones to the invaders. 

During his speech in Congress, Zelensky reminded that in this genocidal war, Russia found an ally - Iran.

"One terrorist found another terrorist. That's why it's only a matter of time before they strike at allies. We have to stop them now," Zelensky emphasized. 

After that, hysteria began in Iran.

There they even threatened Ukraine that "their strategic patience is not unlimited." 

Subsequently, Iran declared that it allegedly supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 

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