Measures to divert traffic on national highways during the consecutive holidays of Peace Remembrance Day.

(Provided by the Highway Authority)

[Reporter Chen Xinyu/Taipei Report] The 10-day Chinese New Year holiday has come to an end, and the next 228 consecutive holidays will be from February 25 (Saturday) to February 28 (Tuesday), which coincides with the flowering season. The Expressway Bureau estimates There will be a wave of tourist vehicles on the national highway, and the daily traffic volume during the holidays will be about 109 to 120 million vehicle kilometers; on the first day of the consecutive holidays, there will be a peak southbound traffic flow, which is about 1.5 times that of normal days.

The Gaogong Bureau predicts that the 228 Peace Memorial Day holiday will be dominated by tourist trips. The first 2 days will be dominated by southbound traffic and the last 2 days will be northbound. Carrying control and other relief measures.

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The closed part of the ramp includes the closing of the south entrance of the Pingzhen system and Puyan system of Country 1 from 5 to 12 am on the first day (25th); the closure of the south entrance of Shiding and Pinglin of State 5 from 0 to 12 am.

During the period when the southbound entrance of Shiding is closed, it will be changed to a special entrance for buses; on the second day of the consecutive holiday (26th) from 5 to 12:00, the Puyan system of State 1 and the southbound entrances of Shiding and Pinglin of State 5 will be closed.

During the closing period of the southbound entrance of Shiding, it will be changed to a special entrance for buses; the countdown to the consecutive holidays (27th and 28th) will be closed from 12 to 21:00 every day, and the northbound entrances of Puyan System of Country 1, Huwei and West Bin of Country 3 will be closed.

On the first day (25th) from 6:00 am to 12:00 am in countries 1 and 5, from Neihu to Toufen (including the elevated embankment top, ring north and airport system) in country 1 and Muzha to Xiangshan in country 3, each The southbound entrance ramp of the interchange; the entrance ramps of the northbound Suao, Luodong, Yilan and Toucheng interchanges on National 5 from 2 to 9 pm every day for the last two days of the holiday (27th and 28th), the end time depends on the traffic The situation is adjusted dynamically.

As for the toll collection measures, toll collection will be suspended on all national highways from 0:00 to 5:00 every day.

There is a single rate for all 4 days; the differential rate for the road section is the national 3 "Hsinchu System to Yanchao System" adopting a single rate and then 20% off.

In addition, open road shoulder sections and time periods are added every day for small cars to drive, and ramp meter control is implemented and adjusted dynamically depending on the traffic conditions of each interchange.

The Highway Bureau recommends that passers-by drive instead of roads, including the National 5 Toucheng to the Pinglin area, it is recommended to use the Taiwan 9; the National 1, National 3 Hsinchu to and from the Tainan area, it is recommended to use the Taiwan 61; the National 6 Taichung to and from the Nantou area, it is recommended to use the Taiwan 9 Change to Taiwan 63; Country 3 Wufeng travels to and from Country 1 Taichung system and Country 3 China-Hong Kong system, it is recommended to go to Taiwan 74 to connect to Country 4.

In addition, during the 4-day holiday period, construction on all national highways will be suspended, except for emergency repairs and projects that do not affect mainline traffic.