Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong, said that North Korea "will always stand on the same battlefield" with the Russian army.

The statement by Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jong, was quoted by the North Korean state news agency TSAK.

"We will always stand on the same battlefield with the Russian army and the people who are fighting for the dignity and honor of the country, its sovereignty and security," Kim Yo Jong said.

She also threatened that any military equipment supplied to Ukraine by the West, they say, "will burn and become a pile of iron against the indomitable fighting spirit and strength of the heroic Russian army."

And the decision of the USA to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine was called a "despicable step" by Kim Jong-un's sister.

Earlier it became known that the "Wagner" PVC received a shipment of weapons from North Korea for the Russian troops in the war against Ukraine. 

North Korea

denied helping Russia 

and accused the US of "supplying deadly weapons" to Ukraine. 

It will be recalled that the head of North Korea, Kim Jong-un

 , expressed his full support for Russia

in carrying out the supposedly "just cause of protecting dignity and security", but actually supported Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal writes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has created

opportunities for North Korea to strengthen ties with Moscow.

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