Rahul Gandhi had made such allegations even after the violent clash in 2021 in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh.


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has again warned the central government regarding China.

At the conclusion of the 'Bharat Jodo' tour in Srinagar, Rahul Gandhi claimed that about 2000 square kilometers of India's territory in Ladakh has gone under Chinese occupation.

He said, "I keep repeating that China has occupied our land (India-China Border Dispute). But, the government is completely denying it. It is dangerous. It will make China do more aggressive things." We will have to deal firmly with the Chinese and tell them that they are sitting on our land, this will not be tolerated."

Rahul Gandhi said, 'The people of Ladakh have met during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, who discussed this.

A Ladakhi delegation clearly stated that 2000 sq km of Indian territory has been usurped by China.

He also said that many patrolling points which used to be in India are now in the hands of the Chinese.

Citing a report by a senior police officer in Ladakh, Rahul Gandhi said that India has lost access to 26 of the 65 patrolling points.

After this, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar made a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi.

Jaishankar said that the land he was talking about was occupied by China in 1962.

But it seems from his words that it is a matter of yesterday or the day after.

While talking to the media, the Foreign Minister did not take the name of Rahul Gandhi, but definitely said that he is a politician and will not reveal his weak aspects.

Rahul Gandhi had made such allegations even after the violent clash in 2021 in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh.

Reiterating these allegations, he said that the country is under the impression that the Chinese have not taken any land from India.

Rahul Gandhi also discussed the India-China border dispute in his recent conversation with South Indian superstar and leader Kamal Haasan.

Rahul had said, 'The Chinese are telling us to be careful.

We are watching what you are doing.

Be careful otherwise we will change your geography.

We will enter Arunachal, we will enter Ladakh.

China is preparing a platform for a similar attitude.

There has also been a reaction from the BJP on this statement of Rahul Gandhi.

Describing Rahul Gandhi as "always confused", the BJP alleged that he "has made clear his intention that India should surrender to China the way it used to be during his party's government".

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